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compounded by: Maxim Kilian

bottled in: Frankfurt (Main)

// 2OO ml per bottle - equals two servings



SKU: 10015
1000 Milliliters

Whisky Sour Cocktail

Bourbon, Hazelnut, Grapes, Lemon

  • 200ml
  • Alc: 15.8% vol.


This cocktail is hard to beat in elegance. When we imagine Vineyards in Kentucky, our first thought is if there are actually vineyards in Kentucky. And if yes, they would definitely taste like barrel aged bourbon with a sweet hint of hazelnuts and fine moiro muscat grapes with a refreshing touch of lemon. Just like Vineyards in Kentucky.


  • Store: dry or fridge
  • Serve on ice in a tumbler glass
  • Pour Boutique Drink Vineyards of Kentucky over a big ice cube and stir with a bar spoon for 5-7 seconds to reach the perfect drinking temperature.

    Garnish the glas with a lemon zest, alternatively prepare a foam of hazelnut-apple espuma and top with hazelnut crumbs.

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