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compounded by: Maxim Kilian

bottled in: Frankfurt (Main)



Cocktail Mastermind & Product Manager

World Class Bartender (GER) and Finalist (World)

World's 50 Best Bars award winner

All-time favourite wine: Sherry Cream Tradicion VOS 20

Favourite Dish: Laab Gai

"I always need something complex in a cocktail. Privately, I like to drink classics and adjust the base ingredients to find my taste. When I am compounding a new drink, I like to layer similar ingredients to make the taste more exciting." 




Hospitality Mastermind & Creative Director

Certified Sommelier (ASP & ASI)

Business Architect and crazy hospitality enthusiast

All-time favourite wine: Charles Smith BOOM BOOM! Syrah

Favourite Dish: Karaage with chilly oil & coriander

"Creating a cocktail for me is all about creating an experience for a guest. It is about the mood, the location, the ambiance, the people you are surrounded with. All this needs to be taken in consideration when serving the right drink at the right time."

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an experience

Boutique Drinks is creating an experience - all served in a bottle.
With our deep understanding of hospitality and product quality, we are creating outstanding ready-to-serve cocktails for demanding guests. Our team is handcraft driven and creatively minded working for the perfect flavours with only the best natural ingredients for the full Boutique Drinks experience.

For press request, feel free to contact us at anytime.

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