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compounded by: Maxim Kilian

bottled in: Frankfurt (Main)

// 2OO ml per bottle - equals two servings



SKU: 20014

Gin-Sour Cocktail

Gin, Carrot, Yuzu, Mandarin, Cinnamon

  • 200ml
  • Alc: 13.8% vol.


Jessica Rabbit is one of the most interesting movie characters, and just like her, this cocktail combines both, elegance and the unexpected. Its fresh scent of mandarin and sour yuzu lemon that perfectly embrace the sweetness of the carrot and warm touch of cinnamon. It serves great accompanying a meal or to kick off a night.


  • Store: dry or fridge
  • Serve on ice in a tumbler glass
  • Pour Boutique Drink Jessica Rabbit over a big ice cube and stir with a bar spoon for 5-7 seconds to reach the perfect drinking temperature.

    Garnish the glas with a piece of white chocolate and pepper.

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