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compounded by: Maxim Kilian

bottled in: Frankfurt (Main)

// 2OO ml per bottle - equals two servings



SKU: 10011
1000 Milliliters

Old-Fashioned Cocktail

Caribbean Rum Blend, Caramel, Sea Salt

  • 200ml
  • Alc: 32.3% vol.


Speaking of Barrels By The Sea, we think of the beauty of a Caribbean beach with stranded rum barrels under the palm trees, which form a layer of caramel in the sun and absorb the saltiness of the  clear turquoise sea right in front of it. It is that place we all dream of when we drift away with a good cuban cigar after dinner or in front of the chimney.


  • Store: dry or fridge
  • Serve on ice in a tumbler glass
  • Pour Boutique Drink Barrels by the Sea over a big ice cube and stir with a bar spoon for 5-7 seconds to reach the perfect drinking temperature.

    Leave the glas neat without garnish, combine the drink with a chocolate date or a slice of pata negra ham.

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